Monday, April 28, 2008


Coll Pictures tricks you can do.

There are many tricks apart form the usual Photoshop which you can do on pictures here is waht I have found while a random ramble of the internet.

Face to Face picture Organizer:

AOL has recently released an exciting new product, Face to Face, available from Bluestring’s accessories page, Face to Face uses facial detection and recognition technologies to automatically organize and tag the digital photos on your computer based on the people that are in them. It also allows you to find particular people in your photos more easily than ever. It does this by extracting and then analyzing the content within each photo. The patent-pending facial recognition technology was jointly developed by leading image processing scientists at AOL as well as at Oxford and Caltech Universities.

What does it mean to automatically organize and tag your photos? First, Face to Face automatically detects which photos contain faces. It then uses these faces to automatically gather photos that it thinks contain the same person into a group. Face to Face allows you to assign a tag (i.e., name) to the similar faces within this group. It also allows you to assign a tag to any face within your set of photos. Subsequently, Face to Face uses facial recognition technology together with the faces of people you have tagged to automatically find additional photos that you have not yet tagged that contain these individuals. It then will automatically tag the appropriate untagged faces within these photos with the correct name. In addition, Face to Face will automatically place all the photos of a particular person (that were tagged either by you or automatically by Face to Face) into a separate “virtual” face folder, and you can then view these photos or upload these photos to Bluestring. Furthermore, Face to Face can automatically find and present to you all photos that contain not only a particular individual but also particular groups of people. Face to Face has a tutorial that outlines how to use this product in 8 easy steps and also has an extensive FAQ under its Help button that contains even more information about how Face to Face works and what you can do with it.

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Fix damaged pics:

A nice tutorial on the Google Photos Blog about fixing common photography problems. Talks about some of the features inbuilt in Picasa to adjust the image brightness, contrast, orientation (!!!) etc. Nice place to begin these features of Picasa. Ofcourse there is the open source GIMP for free advanced image editing.

Hot or not is a site which makes you turn from a girl next door looking girl to a complete Hottie, the site very popular and has a Alexa ranking of 40k, also there is a interesting development in which ad and bill boards shall different ads and ads with different model to different people so that ad resemble them in most ways. What is it sort of Mimicry?? read below for the full story.

Custom Picture ad as you look :

An article on NYTimes talks about two companies, TruMedia and Quividi, which are providing solutions to provide metrics for people who look at a billboard. They install billboards with cameras, and then use face recognition to provide age and gender information of the people who looked at the billboards. The goal would be “to show one advertisement to a middle-aged white woman, for example, and a different one to a teenage Asian boy“. Such solutions will provide much needed desired metrics which define the effectiveness of a billboard advertisement,just as Google give different ad to different people as per the content of the web page.

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Friday, April 25, 2008


Are you a movie Buff??

So I haven’t been blogging at all in a while. I can’t understand why I get so tired and don’t have the will to blog about all the things that I have an inner need to discuss. It’s not as if I can’t find anything to talk about. I just can’t bring myself to type out the words. It must be work that has shot holes all in my will and whatnot. Maybe Coz my exams are just been over that I have been getting all lazy.

So, I’ve been going around and putting all the blog buddies I’ve ignored into Google Reader. That way, I can at least keep up with what everyone else is doing and possibly leave some comments. While looking around, I came across sulz’s Lowbrow Blog that included aquiz (which I found from another blog friend). It has mnay good small tiny quiz about the latest movies and gives you ratings for every movie in the form of a picture Certificate which can be proucdly displayed any where you want to on you orkut profile, across forums etc.

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Friday, April 18, 2008


Brain Fried and Lost

So I've been busy and my brain has been more than a little fried and it remind me of the Bollywood movie called Bheja Fry.

So I took sort of a mini break and only did as much online as I had to for a week. I spent the rest of the time reading and watching the second season of House.

I also did some pondering about a few things. One of which is management. I get to deal with some fun management types in every aspect of my life. The day job has people that make me wonder how they function, let alone how they do their jobs.

There's a woman with a hinie the size of california who gets paid an atrocious sum of money to be a "manager." Most of her work gets done by flunkies. I guess that's okay... after all the mark of a good manager is the ability to delegate. However, she takes credit for the good work and foists all the blame when something goes south. That is not good management. We've also been shifting around offices and giving up some of the space in our suite to reduce our rent (which currently sits at over 600k). She's got a fragile sort working for her, someone who needs to be handled properly to keep her from overreacting. So what does our oh so great manager do? She goes on vacation for a week and doesn't tell the woman anything. She sends her an email. And why? Because she didn't want to have to deal with her being upset by the change. * Goggle *

Seriously, if you're dealing with a woman who takes poorly to change you don't break it to her via email. You sit her down with the other two people who have to move and explain, answer the questions, let her know she isn't losing her job and that things will be fine and she isn't the only one moving. There, problem solved and you've shown your employees that you care.

Feedback and consideration are some of the best tools a manager has at their disposal. Being straight with your employees and giving them honest feedback will win you a hell of a lot more loyalty than double dealing and game playing. Why is this such a hard concept for people to grasp?

This has been foremost on my mind lately for a couple of reasons. One, because it's happening right now in the office and as hard as I try to avoid the drama, it's impossible not to know it's happening. Two, because I have a job interview tomorrow. It's only a preliminary, but if I am dazzlingly amazing and all that kind of good stuff I might earn myself a face to face interview and maybe even a job... So naturally I've been examining myself and my philosophies about management in general and specifically community management and hoping that what I've learned over the last four years has been enough to get me into a position to learn more...

Other than the typical nausea that accompanies any situation that I can't assure myself of my own perfection, I've decided that I don't really suck all that much. I'm fairly certain that my ideas on gaming communities, while maybe not perfect, are a good foundation. I really hope that I can get this job. I know I'll learn a lot and it's my dream job.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008


How is Fastest Finger First

Considering I’m not even warmed up all the way, this is a pretty good result. In fact, it had too much of a delay after I pressed the spacebar on some of the words. I had to wait for a split second for the next word to be highlighted. I didn’t want to start typing until it did because it might count it as wrong. I still use only 4 finger to type and most of the time goof up among several letter ans press the windows in between making the screen go of( SCARY)

I did a test lately and could type 22 words in a minute, your results may vary. I did the test 4 times just to get a feel for what it expected. On this final one, it included much bigger words, but also way too many two- and three-letter words (which actually slow me down when in large groups).

Of late such application have been a part of Facebook and Orkut too as they draw much attention and also a lot of sense of competition and makes such sites a cool hangout rather than just cjecking your scraps and wall posts.

Here is an another version of the test which you can use to test your typing speed
play how fast you type?

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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Mah Theory of Everyhting

You are now going to be subjected to my rambling thoughts on the cyclical nature of... well basically everything but specifically gaming/society. The three of you who aren't Radar can go ahead and run away now, I'll understand. Radar has to read the whole damn thing though, because it's his fault I'm writing it.

As a rule I don't involve myself in politics and whatnot. However I do have a few very politically savvy friends and relatives and tend to just sort of soak up the information they shove at me on a regular basis. I learn a lot this way. One of the things I've learned is that politics goes in cycles. For a while we're very conservative. Then things swing in the other direction, until those policies no longer work for society and things swing right on back the other way.

Everything tends to end up coming full circle in the end. That isn't to say that everything always ends up staying the same. But the patterns tend to return after a while. How the hell does this apply to gaming?

Believe it or not it does. While we've evolved in the gaming world, we still tend to return to the same patterns. We started out as kids playing cowboys and indians or whatever sort of FPSish game we played when we ran around til we passed out. We got older and started playing arcade games like Pac-Man and Galaga and the fighting games (Mortal Kombat ftw!). Then we started gaming on PCs. Hello Doom and Quake and Unreal etc etc. From there we moved to MMOs. Now, even our MMOs are shifting back towards FPSishness. Only now they're somewhat evolved FPS games and our deathmatches have matured.

There's also a cyclical pattern to the way that people seem to play online games.

My personal example. EverQuest and EverQuest II tend to be my base games. Touchstones that I always play. When I played EQ, I'd stray now and then and play something new when it came out (Dark Age of Camelot!) but I'd return and apologize for having been an MMOslut and promised to once again be monogamous.

I quit EQ when I had a kid cause I spent all my time playing with him and sleeping. Then I found out that EQ2 was coming. WOOHOO! I dove back in (i cut out sleeping, cause really who needs to sleep?) and learned everything I could and eagerly waited for the beta. I even jumped back into EQ for a while to enjoy the nostalgia.

With EQ2 there also came an explosion of other MMOs (I missed SWG pre-cu and I'm terribly bitter about this!). WoW, DDO, LoTRO, TR, etc. I've tried darn near all of them at one point or another. I've missed a few here and there, whether from lack of time or money for yet another game.

The point though is that all the sampling of other games aside, I keep coming back to EQ2. Someday a game will come along that will woo me away (I know, how fickle, right?) but that is going to take a hell of a game.

There's all this speculation right now about how Age of Conan and Warhammer are going to spell the death knell of EQ2. That's a crock of shit. I fail to comprehend how people can honestly believe this. Vanguard was supposed to be the death of EQ2. And while it did have a ton of potential, it was released unfinished. It could have been a great game. But that's neither here nor there. Would it have killed EQ2? Not a chance. Because every game appeals for different reasons. That's why people keep coming back. Just like they keep going back to WoW or any of the other games on the market.

A game doesn't need ZOMGZ 10 MILLION!!!!one11eleventy subscriptions to be a success. Having a player base that can't stay away and speaking to people on a level that keeps them playing through all the growing pains and shinie new games is what makes it a success. Yeah, people will leave EQ2 for a while to try the new games. And they'll be back. Then it'll start over again with the next round of releases.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008


The Addiction Called: ORKUT

Have you ever met a stranger who suddenly feels so familiar ? You've never seen her, still her face floats before your eyes ? Yeah, you guessed it right. I met someone yesterday. You must know that Orkut's a great bitch(as Orkut's a she). She breaks millions of hearts, even kills few, helps people collaborate and primarily, helps you get in touch with old friends. But once in a while, she acts as a cupid.Yesterday, I met a stranger on Orkut. You'd say what's great in that won't you ? Yeah, its a pretty ordinary, daily occurrence on Orkut these days. Boy sees a girl... Gets attracted...falls in love..Proposes her.. bla bla. Its not that kind of a story. Stay tuned :D

I started to like that girl(As always... But this one seemed strange) . My communication skills with ladies have always been anything but intelligent. I'm kinda lame when it comes to being friendly and happy-go-lucky with em. OK. Back to the point.

As my communication skills are not as good, I end up getting people annoyed. Same was the case with the girl. She supposedly got annoyed and wasn't responding as much. Could be due to other reasons as well. But what the heck... Suddenly, I acted stupid and on being asked by her friend , how I like that girl , I started slipping. I inquired about how she looked. Pretty stereo-type eh ? Well, I did and the friend happened to reply by saying that the girl is a great great gal. She won't comment on her looks as she was her best friend. I was pretty comfortable with the reply and said, as usual, that looks didn't matter(from heart dude... NOT superficially). Seriously, looks don't matter as much as the character.

Now the twist. I suddenly start acting weird. I scrap her friend( another one) regarding her. Nothing as such, just expressing my feelings. No intentions as such. That seemed to have a negative effect. The girl was already depressed over some issue and I seemed to depress her further. I felt guilty. Very guilty.

Seriously, I decided that I didn't even deserve to be there on Orkut. Why should I inflict another heart-ache on myself without any freakin fault of mine ? Was it all my fault ?

I supposedly deleted my Orkut profile. Dunno why its still there. Anyway, Orkut's never given me a damn thing. Rather caused me misery and defeat. Deceit? Yeah... to a certain extent. I wish the girl success. Last night was the most guilt filled night of my life... Yeah, I couldn't sleep well. Felt like weeping, but the tears won't come out. Sigh. Anyway... All's well that ends well. I'm out of Orkut, no more misery. I'm free. So is the girl. I wish all blood-sucking creature like me get out of that girl's life.

Though As I am out of School and with it I have picked up my many old habits including taking huge amount of coffee or caffeine, grass and yes I'm back on Orkut

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Monitor Google Adsense In firefox

Anybody who has been using internet knows about money making from internet, and also the fact that Adsense is the best way to do so, it gives you targeted customers with a great way to earn a passive income. As one start earning the tendency to check for the daily revenues get too much and most of the Google Adsense publishers like myself, here is a tip most of you may not know yet. You can actually monitor your Google Adsense earnings without logging in to the Google Adsense website every 2 minutes. Yes, that is right, folks. Monitor your Adsense earnings from within Firefox (if you are using it).There is an extension available for Mozilla Firefox users called MoneyQuake. It’s an add-on that is small in size and can be obtained by going to your Tools –> Add-ons menu.

this is the direct download link for the add on: MoneyQuake.

MoneyQuake displays your real-time earning statistics from most popular advertisement systems like:

  • Google Adsense
  • Bidvertizer
  • TraficCashGold
  • StreamRay
  • UmaxSearch
  • PeakClick
  • Buckster
  • SoftwareProfit
  • AdultAdsCash
  • KlikVip
  • AdultFriendFinderrn
  • Begun
  • Yandex.Direct
  • Glavmed

Though Other users claimed that this widget has a security vulnerability, but for me and many other users, it has worked so well so far so Personally i can say that this has worked well for me for the past 2 months if any one faces any problems do let me know and in fact anyone who uses this add on should mention here there experience with it so that it shall other people too.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


About Me

Hii My name is Slyvia Rose I'm from India, Kolkata. I am fun Loving person with a lot of interest in sports like tennis and football, [:)]. I have just finished by school and looking for a carrier in journalism or mass communication (pr). Apart from this I have great liking for Korean romantic movies like My sassy gal, a moment to remember, a walk to remember, windstruck.

But i am also a action movie freak Die hard , star war series are my favorite. Movies of street dancing like you got served, step up, stomp the yard and street racing like 2fast 2 furious, street king, redline, fast track etc.

I hate Sci-fi movies other than MATRIX. Music is all about pop, and slow romantic songs from mandy moore, tata young, vanessa charlton.

Though I am not a great book lover but love all the book Dan Brown, and current favorite is mein kamf.

IF you like my blog please add my blog for blogroll , with anchor text "random internet ramblings". leave a comment here and I shall do the same and add your blog to blogroll.

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