Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Monitor Google Adsense In firefox

Anybody who has been using internet knows about money making from internet, and also the fact that Adsense is the best way to do so, it gives you targeted customers with a great way to earn a passive income. As one start earning the tendency to check for the daily revenues get too much and most of the Google Adsense publishers like myself, here is a tip most of you may not know yet. You can actually monitor your Google Adsense earnings without logging in to the Google Adsense website every 2 minutes. Yes, that is right, folks. Monitor your Adsense earnings from within Firefox (if you are using it).There is an extension available for Mozilla Firefox users called MoneyQuake. It’s an add-on that is small in size and can be obtained by going to your Tools –> Add-ons menu.

this is the direct download link for the add on: MoneyQuake.

MoneyQuake displays your real-time earning statistics from most popular advertisement systems like:

  • Google Adsense
  • Bidvertizer
  • TraficCashGold
  • StreamRay
  • UmaxSearch
  • PeakClick
  • Buckster
  • SoftwareProfit
  • AdultAdsCash
  • KlikVip
  • AdultFriendFinderrn
  • Begun
  • Yandex.Direct
  • Glavmed

Though Other users claimed that this widget has a security vulnerability, but for me and many other users, it has worked so well so far so Personally i can say that this has worked well for me for the past 2 months if any one faces any problems do let me know and in fact anyone who uses this add on should mention here there experience with it so that it shall other people too.

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