Monday, April 28, 2008

Coll Pictures tricks you can do.

There are many tricks apart form the usual Photoshop which you can do on pictures here is waht I have found while a random ramble of the internet.

Face to Face picture Organizer:

AOL has recently released an exciting new product, Face to Face, available from Bluestring’s accessories page, Face to Face uses facial detection and recognition technologies to automatically organize and tag the digital photos on your computer based on the people that are in them. It also allows you to find particular people in your photos more easily than ever. It does this by extracting and then analyzing the content within each photo. The patent-pending facial recognition technology was jointly developed by leading image processing scientists at AOL as well as at Oxford and Caltech Universities.

What does it mean to automatically organize and tag your photos? First, Face to Face automatically detects which photos contain faces. It then uses these faces to automatically gather photos that it thinks contain the same person into a group. Face to Face allows you to assign a tag (i.e., name) to the similar faces within this group. It also allows you to assign a tag to any face within your set of photos. Subsequently, Face to Face uses facial recognition technology together with the faces of people you have tagged to automatically find additional photos that you have not yet tagged that contain these individuals. It then will automatically tag the appropriate untagged faces within these photos with the correct name. In addition, Face to Face will automatically place all the photos of a particular person (that were tagged either by you or automatically by Face to Face) into a separate “virtual” face folder, and you can then view these photos or upload these photos to Bluestring. Furthermore, Face to Face can automatically find and present to you all photos that contain not only a particular individual but also particular groups of people. Face to Face has a tutorial that outlines how to use this product in 8 easy steps and also has an extensive FAQ under its Help button that contains even more information about how Face to Face works and what you can do with it.

full story here

Fix damaged pics:

A nice tutorial on the Google Photos Blog about fixing common photography problems. Talks about some of the features inbuilt in Picasa to adjust the image brightness, contrast, orientation (!!!) etc. Nice place to begin these features of Picasa. Ofcourse there is the open source GIMP for free advanced image editing.

Hot or not is a site which makes you turn from a girl next door looking girl to a complete Hottie, the site very popular and has a Alexa ranking of 40k, also there is a interesting development in which ad and bill boards shall different ads and ads with different model to different people so that ad resemble them in most ways. What is it sort of Mimicry?? read below for the full story.

Custom Picture ad as you look :

An article on NYTimes talks about two companies, TruMedia and Quividi, which are providing solutions to provide metrics for people who look at a billboard. They install billboards with cameras, and then use face recognition to provide age and gender information of the people who looked at the billboards. The goal would be “to show one advertisement to a middle-aged white woman, for example, and a different one to a teenage Asian boy“. Such solutions will provide much needed desired metrics which define the effectiveness of a billboard advertisement,just as Google give different ad to different people as per the content of the web page.

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