Friday, April 18, 2008

Brain Fried and Lost

So I've been busy and my brain has been more than a little fried and it remind me of the Bollywood movie called Bheja Fry.

So I took sort of a mini break and only did as much online as I had to for a week. I spent the rest of the time reading and watching the second season of House.

I also did some pondering about a few things. One of which is management. I get to deal with some fun management types in every aspect of my life. The day job has people that make me wonder how they function, let alone how they do their jobs.

There's a woman with a hinie the size of california who gets paid an atrocious sum of money to be a "manager." Most of her work gets done by flunkies. I guess that's okay... after all the mark of a good manager is the ability to delegate. However, she takes credit for the good work and foists all the blame when something goes south. That is not good management. We've also been shifting around offices and giving up some of the space in our suite to reduce our rent (which currently sits at over 600k). She's got a fragile sort working for her, someone who needs to be handled properly to keep her from overreacting. So what does our oh so great manager do? She goes on vacation for a week and doesn't tell the woman anything. She sends her an email. And why? Because she didn't want to have to deal with her being upset by the change. * Goggle *

Seriously, if you're dealing with a woman who takes poorly to change you don't break it to her via email. You sit her down with the other two people who have to move and explain, answer the questions, let her know she isn't losing her job and that things will be fine and she isn't the only one moving. There, problem solved and you've shown your employees that you care.

Feedback and consideration are some of the best tools a manager has at their disposal. Being straight with your employees and giving them honest feedback will win you a hell of a lot more loyalty than double dealing and game playing. Why is this such a hard concept for people to grasp?

This has been foremost on my mind lately for a couple of reasons. One, because it's happening right now in the office and as hard as I try to avoid the drama, it's impossible not to know it's happening. Two, because I have a job interview tomorrow. It's only a preliminary, but if I am dazzlingly amazing and all that kind of good stuff I might earn myself a face to face interview and maybe even a job... So naturally I've been examining myself and my philosophies about management in general and specifically community management and hoping that what I've learned over the last four years has been enough to get me into a position to learn more...

Other than the typical nausea that accompanies any situation that I can't assure myself of my own perfection, I've decided that I don't really suck all that much. I'm fairly certain that my ideas on gaming communities, while maybe not perfect, are a good foundation. I really hope that I can get this job. I know I'll learn a lot and it's my dream job.

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