Thursday, April 17, 2008

How is Fastest Finger First

Considering I’m not even warmed up all the way, this is a pretty good result. In fact, it had too much of a delay after I pressed the spacebar on some of the words. I had to wait for a split second for the next word to be highlighted. I didn’t want to start typing until it did because it might count it as wrong. I still use only 4 finger to type and most of the time goof up among several letter ans press the windows in between making the screen go of( SCARY)

I did a test lately and could type 22 words in a minute, your results may vary. I did the test 4 times just to get a feel for what it expected. On this final one, it included much bigger words, but also way too many two- and three-letter words (which actually slow me down when in large groups).

Of late such application have been a part of Facebook and Orkut too as they draw much attention and also a lot of sense of competition and makes such sites a cool hangout rather than just cjecking your scraps and wall posts.

Here is an another version of the test which you can use to test your typing speed
play how fast you type?

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