Tuesday, May 27, 2008


End of Teenage, High road Dead End

End of teenage for My boyfriend

As far as birthday milestones go, this does not rank all that high on the Richter scale of cataclysmic events.

He is only turning 20; it’s a year later at 21 that my son will truly have a blast.

Still, I cannot help but see his 20th year as the ending of an era — for me.

Because he is my youngest, I am no longer the mother of teenagers.

It takes five years to transform an infant into a walking, talking, potty-trained child ready for kindergarten.

It takes seven years to turn an adolescent into an adult.

But while child is a teen for seven years, for parents the teenage era can last longer.

I entered when my eldest turned 13.

We were cheering for the unbeatable Chicago Bulls and an unbeatable Clinton was running for president.

Two additional children later, I am finally leaving this era behind after 12 years.

Navigating this period is the minefield of parenting.

You proceed with caution because the simplest comment can blow up in your face.

I approached warily.

Teenagers are known to be moody, insecure, non-conforming conformists, argumentative and riddled with angst.

They have an excuse.

The teenage years bring braces, driving, acne, mascara and college applications.

Just about the time the teachers stopped sending home notes to tell me everything going on, that’s about the time my children decided they no longer wanted to tell me anything going on.

If elementary school is nonstop chatter, then the teenage years are silence.

These were the years of closed bedroom doors.

During those years, I grew stupid.

As my children began to learn more and more, I began to know less and less.

My only expertise was as a source of embarrassment.

I could never fail to say the wrong things to the wrong people at the wrong time.

End of Teenage for me:

Consider fashion: Their clothing was too tight, too loose or too low.

We disagreed over the way they looked, and we could disagree just by trading looks.

Being a teenager is almost more a mindset than a chronology.

Not all seven years pose challenges.

My daughter became a teen at age 11 when she was eager to date and move into her own apartment.

By age 16, she had stabilized again.

Biology, I recognize, sets us on a collision course.

As teenagers, my children’s hormones were raging higher — just about the time mine began to fall.

Now I’ve emerged from my 12-year tunnel, and I’m blinking in the sudden sunlight.

“How does it feel to be 20?” I ask my son.

“Kind of weird that I’m not a teenager,” he responds.

It’s weird for me as well.

My youngest once shared with me that goldfish have a memory span of three seconds, and in this case that would be an advantage.

The teenage years, like the flu, are something it’s best not to recall in every detail.

I’m forgetting the past and looking ahead.

My children appreciate that I know a thing or two about life.

I’m optimistic their twenties will usher in a relationship renaissance.

No more disagreements.

On this, I am claiming the last word.

Anything said after this will be considered a new argument.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008


50 things which makes a girl happy

1. sweet surprises

2. presents from special people in my life

3. when my boo once told me that he doesn’t want me to be pressured & tired

4. being excited with the plans & never realized that up until now the plans are still not happening

5. unexpected text messages

6. bad days that go by fast and great days that are patient

7. when my boo tells me “I miss you Slyvy...

8. soft sheets

9. feeling part of the team

10. my dog’s adorable expressions

11. when I have new clothes, bags & accessories .. :D

12. watching couples flirting with each other so much you can see the love bubbling out of their ears. i think it’s cute

13. Being the cause to someone else’s happiness

14. Flowers

15. Thinking about things that make me happy

16. People getting along


18. Making music

19. my hair

20. being invited

21. nice smell

22. when my boo will see me even for just a couple of minutes

23. Falling asleep next to my boo, feeling his arms wrapped around me, hearing him breathe gently beside me, and waking up with him the next morning :)

24. Eating meals in nice restaurants.

25. An amazing and unexpected view of the moon shining on the ocean.

26. When I hear a song for the first time that gets my adrenaline flowing and makes me smile immediately.

27. genuinely laughing. a lot.

28. Kissing my boo

29. Not having any homework to do

30. Hanging out with my friends, goofing off and being silly

31. Inside jokes

32. fooling around with my boo

33. Making lists and feeling organized

34. Taking that perfect photograph

35. Dressing up nice and feeling beautiful

36. Learning something new

37. Getting in touch with primary school friends you haven’t seen in 10 years

38. Having one day every now and then where you don’t bother with makeup and just do nothing all day

39. Not spending as much as you thought you would, and then using the money you saved on something you don’t need

40. my family, my parents

41. laughing with friends

42. unorganized days

43. an email & a phone call out of the blue

44. Sitting around a campfire with my boo, watching the stars, talking about nothing, wanting it to never end

45. Cooking dinner for friends and family

46. feeling LOVED & RESPECTED

47. Coke in glass bottles

48. Friendly energetic, cheerful people who aren’t faking it

49. Thinking of a good song I haven’t heard in a while and hearing it on the radio the same day

50. A good CRY:

*BOO is my Boy Friend

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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Not Tonight Dear, I Had A Modem! | Addcited to Internet

As funny as it may be, this might be actually happening to you. It may be not the exact “situation”, but I find that we spend more time on the internet and neglect the things and people that matter the most to us.

Imagine this; you take your remaining leave to chill at home; Or may be you go on vacation to get away from it all. Yet, you still keep writing your blog, and staying up to date on what’s happening in the blogospehere. I know a blogger, who is blogging while he is on his honeymoon!

Are you an internet addict?

I am not qualified to give a verdict on this. However, here are a few questions that I would like you to think about.
Do you
  • find yourself unable to stop connecting to the internet even when you know there are consequences?

  • Have you repeatedly made unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back, or stop Internet use?

  • Prefer to use online messenger, email and other forms of online communication rather than face-to-face interaction when the latter is more appropriate?

  • find it impossible to relax without constantly connecting to the internet?

  • pay more attention to the latest “internet news” than what is happening in real life?

  • feel the internet is a more powerful draw than spending time with your friends and family?

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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Justin Timberlake's Belives in Astrology / Numerology

Justin Timberlake has a very firm faith in Astrology / Numerology and has been using these for over 3 years now, JT even claims that these are the reason behind his recent success in music profession and Grammy award he got, he even claims that this numerolgy had given him the positive vibes to cope out of the break up with britney spears.
Now an Emmy and Grammy winning singer, with his 'Future Sex / Love Show' tour pulling in over $100 million dollars, Justin Timberlake has become be the hottest male singer in America today. This former member of 'NSYNC' has done extremely well since he went solo. And, as the boyfriend of actress Jessica Biel, he seems to have everything going right in his life and gives all the credit to Astrology / Numerology for this.

Here is detailed analysis of Justin Timberlake's Astrological / Numerological trends:

Numerology Life Path number to find which of (108) different combinations they fall under. The Astrology sign is determined using a simple table of date ranges to find which part of the Zodiac rules their life. The Numerology Life Path is found by summing together the month, day, and 4-digit year of their date of birth, and reducing the sum to a single digit via fadic addition. As for Justin Timberlake, since he was born on January 31st, 1981, his Astrology Numerology combination is Aquarius with a Life Path value of (6).

Aquarius (6) - The Loyal Liberal

People with this combination endure as long as needed to achieve success. Aquarius sixes credo in life is to keep going and get on with it. If they have a vision which will benefit their family of their society, they will stay the course and make it happen. These souls get hunches which tend to turn out well, and will use these insights to further their projects. They are not afraid to dig in and research to bolster their case in convincing others to have faith in their plans.

Aquarius sixes will sometimes drive their friends crazy with their efforts to help them change for the better. These people are loving friends who expect all relationships to be a combination of give and take. They are stunned when people get mad at their attempts to meddle and help without asking first. They will be the first to work to make it up to them, striving to restore peace and harmony. Peace in the family, and in their friendships is worth more to an Aquarius six than their own comfort, and they will make personal sacrifices to restore order in times of trouble.

===> Summary

Justin Timberlake's Astrology / Numerology combination shows that he will work at his material until it's right regardless of the time and effort it takes. His instincts will guide him to make the right choices in both his music, and the rest of his career. The only problems may come from his meddling in the lives of those around him. If he learns to control this tendency and keep his meddling under control, his life should go very well indeed.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


How to focus and Improvise on work:

focus is what brings prosperity. Distraction keeps us from it........ is a great saying

Focus means your full attention. Here are five daily practices to attain pinpointed focus and stop multitasking.

1. Clear your desk of anything unrelated to your current goal. Things command attention. The less you have before you, the less likely you'll be distracted.

2. Schedule your time into blocks so that you can focus in on one individual task at a time. Include separate blocks for completing high payoff actions, emailing, working with clients, planning, etc. Then set sacred boundaries around those tasks. Complete one, then move on.

3. Do the most important thing first. High payoff actions are the things that will have the biggest positive impact on your success. What will bring you the results you want the most quickly? Put that first, always.

4. Take short breaks away from technology between time blocks or tasks. Take a walk around the block, play music, do something physical or creative. This will clear your mind and help your mental CEO recalibrate to the next task.

5. Plan for tomorrow. Schedule 1 - 3 high pay off activities for the next business day.

Become a master single tasker!

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Man Bursts Intestines by shving airhose up the Butthole

In one of the most bizarre incidents EVER, Ramakant - a washer man working in Ahmedabad - shoved up an air filling machine's nozzle up the rectum of his friend Vivek. Why?

All for fun of course. Both of them felt that it would be very funny to see an inflated Vivek floating around the room. Things didn't go quite according to plan, and Vivek's intestines burst under the pressure.

The police have booked Ramakant for negligence. The person injured his Large intestine, though the doctors managed to save his life, he has been kept under observation for next 3 months.

Bizzare things keep on happening in the world and just when you thought that you have heard about all, some one shoves air pump into someone 's A**hole.

News courtsey: ExpressIndia.com

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Multitasking is Out,Focus is the Inthing

What else are you trying to do while reading this article?

Sure, we can multitask. We might even believe we can do it without losing efficiency. But we would be fooling ourselves.

It has been proven in scientific studies that toggling between tasks slows the brain down. In effect, multi-tasking makes us momentarily stupid -- unable to establish priorities, focus or integrate anything new.Have you ever tried to read your email while listening to a teleclass? How about trying to have a serious conversation on your cell phone while driving?.

That time lapse is your "mental CEO" shifting from one task, with a specific goal and set of "rules", to another, with a completely different goal and set of rules. That shift takes time. The more complex the tasks, the longer the shift takes.

Then you know that neither was done with your full presence or capacity. It's as if you weren't there for half of the time. You neither fully understood the emails nor fully integrated what the teleclass offered. Too little of your consciousness was on driving -- scary -- and you couldn't fully connect in the conversation.

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Saturday, May 3, 2008


Human Psychology explained !!!

Here is my theory about how a human brain thinks........

People want to be winners; and associated with winning things. WoW players triumph the worldwide subscription numbers. EQII'ers celebrate the 'depth' of the game (winning quality instead of quantity). I can make some valid example for any game really, in about thirty seconds of official forums readings.

So the folks who have identified with AoC or WAR or CoS or any of the 'coming soon!' games potentially on the market are sure that their game will destroy the other games. They want to be on a winning team. You also see this demonstrated in folks who are long term adherents of a game, and are ready to move along. They start looking at the other games, and the promises of what might be, and the faults of their long time game start to stand out more starkly.

I don't blame them for the base psychology, they need to devalue the investment they have already made so they can hype the investment they hope to make in the next big game; but I can disagree with their findings.

These games will come out, and many people will try them. For some, they will be the right answer, and for others they won't. Will this impact the subscription of other games out there? Not in a significant manner at all. You know what will? The team making that existing game. If they continue to deliver the quality that has attracted their current customer base, a new launch means nothing.

So I'm not worried about these coming launches. I'm excited. I have two lumps of friends lining up to play Conan because I know a lot of PvP junkies (/guilty); so I have choices about who I play with; and yes -- I intend to play. I also have an active WoW sub, and funds on my Maple Story account. Oh, and yes, access to every SOE game.

My problem isn't that something new is coming out so something old must die, it's that there aren't enough minutes in the day.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008


An interview with Paris HIlton

In perez hilton site had mention to act as reporter and create a list of questions which you would like to ask Paris Hilton if you were a reporter?? here is the final list and question no 6. was the one i had suggested so yiphee.

The Seven sin-nest question Paris was asked are :

1. How do you feel after a one night stand?

2. Why do you take so long to get ready?

3. Do you ever get used to wearing a thong?

4. Are you a feminist when the bill comes?

5. Will something from Tiffany's solve everything?

6. Do you watch porn?

7. How often do you think about sex

These are the answers paris Hilton had given By mail to perez hilton: check them out

1) Like crap actually, which is why I don't do it. I ran through that phase REALLY fast.

2) I don't actually. I don't like doing my hair and I hate wearing makeup. I tend to want comfy clothes vs sexy clothes and all too often the two are mutually exclusive. (Course this could also be why I'm single.)

3) Yup. Thongs are actually very comfy. Plus, no panty line.

4) I'm assuming that means, do I want to pay my own way. Yes. More often than not, I'll fight for the bill because I don't like the idea that someone will ever feel like they are obligated to pay for me. Especially if I'm the one who has done the inviting out.

5) No... It's actually more likely to start a fight. Now... hit me up with a video game I want or a new computer part and we'll get on to the making up.

6) Not really. I never actually "got" porn. Until very recently I just thought it was all ridiculous and pointless.

7) More often than you do.

Feel free to answer these questions my readers and do post in as the comments.

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