Monday, March 31, 2008


Nice simple Web layouts and templates

When we talk of blogging, the question of web design, functionality, ease of navigation and loading speed might come to mind. Also, when you think of your readers, content is always king. SEO and programming skills are also required (for traffic). All these concepts rolled into one medium called a blog is not an easy thing to accomplish at once if you think it is (at least if you lack the required knowledge to fix your blog’s themes or design your own).

However, if you can be humble enough to recognize that weakness or inadequacy (like me, I am not really into blog designs and all if you can observe in this site), help is readily available. Search the internet and look for a nice web design. In my case, I have found a site that just does that - a blog about web design that is easy to navigate, simple yet elegant and offers great contents that are fun to read. The posts in the site mentioned are related to our online lives as bloggers. In fact I have drafts of the same topics they have discussed there but they have written more than enough.
I always believe in taking a good simple template and then tweaking ot my needs rather than just making something from the scratch as what is the point in wasting time when I know it is already been done and made available for free for me.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008


How many cell you carry??

I shall be asking a question how many Cell phones do you carry??

another one, how do you decide which cell phone to buy? is the price , looks, features or everything together. for me the price and looks are the most important things, There was a nationwide survey conducted and financed by a cell phone manufacturer. At that time I owned 3 cell phone units. Now I only have two, and I admit it’s already old. Thanks to my hammer, I managed to smash one and all I have is 2 phones one D&G Motorola V3i and a Nokia 6270.

But what is a cell phone? According to, the mobile phone (also called a mobile, wireless, cellular phone, cell phone, or hand phone(hp)) is a short-range, portable electronic device used for mobile voice or data communication over a network of specialized base stations known as cell sites. In March 2008, the total number of mobile phone subscriptions in the world reached 4.2 billion, or half of the human population, which also makes the mobile phone the most widely spread technology and the most common gadget in the world. In addition to the standard voice function of a telephone, current mobile phones may support many additional services, and accessories, such as SMS for text messaging, email, packet switching for access to the Internet, java gaming, bluetooth, infrared, camera with video recorder and MMS for sending and receiving photos and video streaming, GPS etc.

Indeed, the uncanny cell phone has become an all-around multimedia device. There is one small problem though if you do not have Unlocked Cell Phones - you cannot use other SIM card other than the one recommended by the manufacturer. To remedy this, you have to avail of the services of a qualified technician which will cost you some cash of course for getting quick buck out of it, it moslty happens in sets like Apple Iphone, LG prada etc.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Entre card: new way to get more traffic

Entre card is a new concept for me i first heard it from the 15 year old wonder blogger Carl, who owes the site carlocrab, he mentioned in his one of the posts that entre card is a new way to get good clean traffic from all over the world who have similar tastes and the button is a standard 125x125 so it makes matter much easier to be added in any blog what so ever. I have tried it myself in one of my blog and it does works , though it is not as great as DIGG or stumbleupon but it does give a sizeable amount of traffic.

Entrecard dropping has become a bloggers habit from the time Entrecard was introduce online. Some bloggers do it religiously and some signed-up for the sake of joining the trend.Actually there’s one thing i am sure about the program of Entrecard. I got the chance to discover blogs and sites i have not seen yet.So if you are tired of dropping from almost all the blogs you visit, this is one of the answers. Visit check this link and you shall find all your queries about entre card answered.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Aviod Coffee stains to Ruin watch

Last moth i went to Singapore for an Asain tour and it was there i found some real good cheap electronic stuffs i picked up good Nikon DLSR camera for half the price it has been selling in Walmart. I also got a great looking Gucci watch but I am not sure weather it is original or not, never the less it was worth every penny of it. The camera was pretty sleek and so I started fonding with as I bought it and took some good snaps. Like the ones below.

This when the coffee mug I photographed above somehow fell on my wrist as I was very clumsy trying to get a awkward angle of the jasmine kept on my coffee table of Mac Donald's.My new watch and the old Noodle strap dress was all wet and I almost lost my watch, but thanks to these handy tricks My watch was saved for the day,here they are.

There are simple ways to clean your watch and there are few things you need. These are -

1. Rubbing alcohol
2. Soft-bristled toothbrush
3. Lint-free cloth
4. White vinegar
5. Baking soda

(1) First is to remove the bracelet. If you can’t remove it, be sure not to get the watch wet while cleaning the bracelet, even if it’s water proof

(2) Immerse or soak the bracelet into the water and dish soap or rubbing alcohol for a few minutes or more. The more dirt will be loosened and makes your scrubbing easier for you.

(3) In scrubbing the bracelet, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub between the links of the bracelet both from the outer and inner curves.

(4) Next is to dry the bracelet with a limp-free cloth to avoid fibers from getting stuck between the links. Then re-attach the bracelet to your watch.

(5) For leather straps , clean it with a mixture of white vinegar and water and a toothbrush. Then let the straps dry completely before wearing it in air.

SO use these tips if you dip your watch in water or pour coffee over it. BTW here is a bonus picture I took with the camera .

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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Hello world , ramblings on Make up

MY First rambling on this new blog is not about any thing but cute and good make up. Well I am not talking about the generous talks about break up and make up with boy friends or girlfriends but about make up..COSMETICS did u guys get it.

Almost every single type of facial cosmetic item on the market, with a few body buffing tips as well. If you’re really bad at putting on make-up and, like me, can’t decide when “enough is enough”,. It is particularly good for people with Asian facial qualities, as the woman (yes, she’s older than 20-can you believe it? She looks so young! *jealous*) who runs the website is Chinese and showcases various Oriental celebrities and their “make-up breakdowns” as well as Western make-up. On this website, you can learn how to apply make-up to eyes, lips, brows, facial coverage and even nails and contact lenses and their uses, and much, much more! You can even ask the web mistress, Phyllis, any questions about beauty.

Not some great tips but surely you will find them useful if you are running out of time.

If you wake up late and don't have time to shower, use a blush brush to dab and blend some sheer powder on your hair roots to absorb oil.

- If you want to make your powder eye shadow and liner last all day, apply a cream shadow base. Put the lightweight base on your eyelid first and then apply your regular eye makeup. It will last for hours without having to take the time and reapply!

- If you're looking for a quick, yet gorgeous makup look on the run, try a multi-purpose blush stick. It's used as an eye shadow, blush and lipstick. It feels so smooth and natural and looks fantastic.

- For smoky eyes, line your bottom lid semi-heavily, blink hard, and run a finger across the line. It smudges way faster and looks more 'I don't care' than the multi-stepped techniques.

- Next time you're at the salon, ask your stylist to texturize your hair. It will make it alot easier to take care of when you're trying to rush out the door.

- For eyes, make a wide line with a copper liner so you don't have to bother with shadow. The whole process takes about a minute and a half.

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