Thursday, August 28, 2008


Eat Vegetables and Fruits for Better health.


They are extremely rich source of minerals, enzymes and vitamins. Faulty cooking and
prolonged careless storage, however, destroy these valuable nutrients. Most of the vegetables are, therefore, best consumed in their natural raw state in the form of salads.There are different kinds of vegetables. They may be edible roots, stems, leaves, fruits and seeds. Each group contributes to the diet in its own way. Fleshy roots have energy value and good sources of vitamin B . Seeds are relatively high in carbohydrates and proteins and yellow ones are rich in vitamin A. Leaves, stems and fruits are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins,water and roughage.
To prevent loss of nutrients in vegetables, it would be advisable to steam or boil vegetables in their juices on a slow fire and the water or cooking liquid should not be drained off. No vegetable should be peeled unless it is so old that the peel is tough and unpalatable. In most root vegetables, the largest amount of mineral is directly under the skin and these are lost if vegetables are peeled. Soaking of vegetables should also be avoided if taste and nutritive value are tobe preserved.


Like vegetables, fruits are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. They are easily digested and exercise a cleansing effect on the blood and digestive tract. They contain high alkaline properties, a high percentage of water and a low percentage of proteins and fats.Their organic acid and high sugar content have immediate refreshing effects. Apart from seasonable fresh fruits, dry fruits, such as raisins, prunesand figs are also beneficial.Fruits are at their best when eaten in the raw and ripe states. In cooking, the loose portions of the nutrient salts and carbohydrates. They are most beneficial when taken as a separate meal by themselves, preferably for breakfast in the morning. If it becomes necessary to take fruits with
regular food, they should form a larger proportion of the meals. Fruits, however, make better combination with milk than with meals. It is also desirable to take one kind of fruit at a time. For the maintenance of good health, atleast one pound of uncooked fruits should form part of the daily diet. In case of sickness, it will be advisable to take fruits in the form of juices.The three basic health-building foods mentioned above should be supplemented with certain special foods such as milk, vegetable oils and honey. Milk is an excellent food. It is considered as " Nature’s most nearly perfect food." The best way to take milk is in its soured form - that is,
yogurt and cottage cheese. Soured milk is superior to sweet milk as it is in a predigested form and more easily assimilated. Milk helps maintain a healthy intestinal flora and prevents intestinal putrefaction and constipation.
High quality unrefined oils should be added to the diet. They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids,vitamin C and F and lecithin. The average daily amount should not exceed two tablespoons .Honey too is an ideal food. It helps increase calcium retention in the system, prevents nutritional anaemia besides being beneficial in kidney and liver disorders, colds, poor circulation and complexion problems. It is one of the nature’s finest energy-giving food.A diet of the three basic food groups, supplemented with the special foods, mentioned above,will ensure a complete and adequate supply of all the vital nutrients needed for health, vitality and prevention of diseases. It is not necessary to include animal protein like egg, fish or meat in this basic diet, as animal protein, especially meat, always has a detrimental effect on the healing
process. A high animal protein is harmful to health and may cause many of our common

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Monday, August 18, 2008


Dating Tips -II

The First Kiss

Nothing is more nerve-wrecking than that first kiss. It can happen on the first date or the tenth (depending on your speed and determination). Choose between the sneak attack -- at a time when your date least expects it -- or the announcement -- when you tell your date that you are going to kiss him or her (possibly even describing it in pain-staking detail). The method you choose should be based on your own comfort and on your perception of your date's level of comfort. And when it happens, know that its skill will be soon forgotten and replaced by a second and a third and...

Don´t Go To Movie On First Date

Movies are GREAT. You sit in the dark, eat popcorn and are transported to new worlds. But if you talk during the movie, you can get kicked out of the theatre. So during your first few dates, you might want to give movies a pass. First dates are about getting to know each other...and that requires some serious conversation. Movies don't allow it, and sitting in the movie with a first date just delays the process further. If you go out to dinner, play miniature golf, go bowling, etc., you'll be able to talk to your date and get to know them a little better. Plus, you won't eat all that popcorn...

A Date to Remember

Have you ever wondered why you remember some dates more than others? First, we often remember things that we haven´t experienced before. Our mind remembers things that are unique or new. Most of us don´t have our most memorable dates at a movie because going to the movies is so commonplace. If you want to go on a date that will be remembered for a long time, do something unique or unusual. Here are some ideas: 1. Rent a hot air ballon 2. Go river rafting 3. Go to a homeless shelter and serve food 4. Go to a museum or art center that you haven´t been to 5. Rent a jet ski, ski-doo, or snowmobile The more creative you are, the more successful you will be in creating lasting memories.

How Long Should A First Date Be?

First dates are one of the most exciting and terrifying unknowns that a person can face. They can be amazing, and you want them to go on forever. They can be beyond painful, and they can't end quickly enough. Since you never know which way they are going to go, do not plan a first date that will last more than three hours. (A day time date -- lunch or a quick drink -- facilitates this plan.) If the date is miserable, that gives you both an excuse to be put out of your misery. If the date goes well, you can plan that second date as soon as you both can fit it into your calendars!

What Should I Know?

First dates create anticipation and anxiety. If you've ever wondered what first dates should be like, here are a few ideas to help you prepare. Plan an activity that gives you a chance to talk. Be on time. Be attentive and ask questions. Find something in your date that you can compliment. Know your boundaries, especially the physical ones. And finally, end the date at a reasonable hour. If the date has gone well, your date will want to see you again soon!
Important First Impressions
How do you get a second date? By having a successful first date! But how do you know if the first date went well? Most people claim that they aren´t really themselves on a first date, but there are still some signs that are real. Some signs of a good date include feelings of attraction; wanting to get to know a person better; feeling their kindness; being able to talk with each other; and being at ease with each other. If you have these impressions after a date, it went well, and a second date is most likely.

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Friday, August 15, 2008


First Date Tips

What Should I Wear?

We know first impressions are important, and we'd like to think they're primarily based on personality, right? Wrong. First impressions are largely about on how we look. So when you're getting ready for that all-important first date, think about what you are going to wear. Dress to impress, but also dress to show your personality. Keep in mind the activities you have planned for evening, and dress accordingly. If you initiated the date, make sure your invitee knows your plans as well so that he or she can dress appropriately.

Footing the First Date Bill

Who pays for a date? It's not as clear as it once was. More and more, dates -- even people who have dated for years -- split the tab at the end of the evening. But on the first date, whoever asks for the date should pay. If you decide to continue seeing each other, alternating payment during subsequent dates is only fair. Make an effort to choose activities that fall within both of your budgets.

First Date Don'ts

First dates are scary, and you might want to surround yourself with friends to ease your nerves. But remember, first dates are for getting to know the other person. So, never take a first date to a party that your friends are throwing. This will put your date at a disadvantage since he or she does not know anyone. Additionally, you may be distracted from your date by your friends, even if that is not your intention. Plan that first meeting around an activity that you and your new date can enjoy together...alone.

Try New Things

No one likes to look like a fool. But we often have the best time when we do! If you are on a date, and your partner suggests you try something new -- a new food, a new sport, a new activity -- consider it. Try it. If it's not illegal or immoral, why not? You may find out that you like it or that you're good at it. And you and your date will be closer because you discovered it together. Don´t be afraid to fail. Just let your date know that this is a new thing for you and you´re nervous, yet willing to try. It could be fun!

Gift For First Meeting

Bring a single flower for your first pre-date meeting
1) A simple carnation or daisy would be a nice casual way of saying "nice to meet you".

2) Stay away from candy, you don't know if the person is on a diet or if they even enjoy sweets.

3) When buying the flower, ask the florist to put the plastic clear water tip on the cut stem. This will insure the flower will maintain freshness till the next day.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008


The Rich Dad, Poor Dad Way (Book Review)

The entire book is wrapped around a story of how he learned, observed and distinguished two people making money; rich dad and the poor dad.(I wonder why this book wasn’t titled, “The tale of two dads”! )
His real dad who was highly educated, is called the "Poor Dad". The other, was his best friend Mike's dad, who was an entrepreneur with very little school education. Kiyosaki calls him the "Rich Dad".

Browsing Through Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Lesson 1: The Rich Don’t Work For Money
The book starts off by with some appealing stories about two little boys (Kiyosaki and Mike)who are trying to make money. Rich dad teaches the boys priceless lessons on money, by making them learn through experience. Kiyosaki's Poor dad also gave him advice; contradicting advice to Rich Dad. Kiyosaki talks about how he struggled as a kid to choose between the two very different ways of dealing with money.

Lesson 2: Why Teach Financial Literacy? makes his case by stating, the growing gap between rich and poor is rooted in the antiquated educational system. Later he helps the reader understand the difference between an asset and a liability.

Lesson 3: Mind Your Own Business relates his experience of selling photocopiers on commission at Xerox and how he used his earnings to buy real estate. Basically, the message Kiyosaki gives in this chapter is to keep your day job, but start minding your own business!

Lesson 4: The History of Taxes and the Power of Corporations advices you to do your own research and find out what tax laws will bring you the best advantages.

Lesson 5: The Rich Invent Money highlights that self-confidence coupled with high financial IQ can certainly earn more for you than merely saving a little bit every month. It also urges you to make good use of your time and find the best deals.

Lesson 6: Work to Learn –Don’t Work for Money Brings to light, five obstacles to financial independence; Fear, Cynicism, Laziness, Bad Habits and Arrogance. Unlike other chapters this chapter offers you some actionable suggestions to deal with it.

My favorite excerpt
Most people never study the subject [money]. They go to work, get their paycheck, balance their checkbooks, and that’s it. On top of that, they wonder why they have money problems. Few realize that it’s their lack of financial education that is the problem.

I found Rich Dad, Poor Dad to be very inspiring. Somehow, I felt that I was reading this book, a few years too late, into my life. The book doesn’t overwhelm people with technical jargon. It simply concentrates on the inner being of what it takes to be rich.

I’d recommend this book as an good way to challenge your thinking about work and money, in ways you haven't thought before. However, if you need technical "how to's" and "to do's" in personal finance, this book is not for you.

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