Saturday, June 28, 2008


Fight Club

In college, when we discovered drinks, we used to chide each other saying that somebody’s hands tremble to signal that it is time for one. Somewhat like that towards the end of the week I feel like writing something (read complaining). As usual on Mondays I kid myself that there is a plan for the week and psyche myself up to get going. But towards the end of the week, enthusiasm dies down and then thoughts about what could have made my life better kicks in. Start dreaming about what if I went to work in jeans, T-shirt and slippers and worked with a bunch of fantastic guys who are out to do something than make-believe they are doing something. Sometimes I think I know what I need crystal-clear, talking about illusions.

Started reading ‘Fight Club’. I must be very bad in writing reviews, if I ever attempted. But somehow I seem to like every book or it must be that by spending one hour to choose a book from library I am making sure that it is appealing to my taste. I took this because its film version starred Edward Norton. From the time I watched ‘Primal Fear’, I think he overtook my previous hero, Richard Gere by just outperforming him. He must be an example on ‘Attention to Detail’, ‘Preparation’ and ‘Talent’ for novice actors. I haven’t seen the movie ‘Fight Club’ yet, but judging by the book, it will be something like ‘Seven’. One sentence from the last page I read is still lingering: “Sometimes when you wake up, you have to ask where you are.”

I am traveling to Scotland next weekend for three days. We are going to Edinburgh (in time for the festival, I think), Fort William and Inverness. Hope this will be a good break.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Raining Men

By that the title I did not mean to talk about the Geri Halliwell's Song " It's raining Men", but about the health issues in Monsoon.

Right now I am exploring all the byways, alleys around the office with the car – still not confident of taking it to the main road. It is like those parents say that they are afraid of bringing up their kids in this kind of world. It would pain you when, with just a warning from a horn just behind your ears, they overtake you and you almost fear that they have touched your rear view mirror.

I was in Bangalore for most of last week. I think I am lucky not to bring up my car in Bangalore. It is jungle out there. If you stop at a signal, autorickshaws and two-wheelers will cover you like those flies. It would be almost impossible to get out of those claws without touching anything. I always tend to compare this with those building block puzzles. Within half a minute of stopping at a signal, each car/auto/two-wheeler will do their individual part and fit everything perfectly into the nooks and corners that it will be the most efficient way of packing different kind of vehicles into minimum space.

It is like art of walking in a crowd (I would think of the crowd coming out of a theatre) without touching anybody, but still maneuver by applying breaks, suddenly accelerating, sensing openings and counting on the speed of others when you cross over. It almost becomes a second nature in these parts of the world. Ever tried crossing over a 4-way intersection? It is just like those magic acts. Close your eyes and just glide forward, those who needs to stop will stop and you will reach there without a scratch. But you may get slightly scared if you keep your eyes open. It is not the concern for others which would make you good at driving; it is just the art of survival and protecting your skin at any cost which will see you safe at the end of the day when you reach home.

I know that it will all look very silly and exaggerated to a veteran, but maybe because I drove for around 2 years in US (that is the first time I owned a car), I have too many bad habits (like checking blind spot, waving pedestrians to cross the road – one guy today stared at me for stopping and asking him to cross the road, these concepts called “yield”, “signals”, don’t horn unless the other guy is going to hit you for sure etc). I have to unlearn a lot of things. Hope I will get better at it soon. Then maybe I will start appreciating my friend’s view that driving here is the ultimate enjoyment (why don’t they seek that enjoyment only from video games which allows you to restart the game when you hit something).

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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Beauty Sleep

Slept really late yesterday. Doing nothing. Nowadays there is no time to spend like that also – doing nothing. Watched highlights of cricket match couple of times, cricket news in every channel, made sure that I got my complete fill of the Indian victory. Today read every article in the sports section of the newspaper also. Now that chapter is closed. I am going to give a rest to cricket for some time. It is taking lot of my free time.

Before this cricket series started, it was football. I was following Real Madrid and once they were out of the competition, that ended. Today I was watching something where Pele was saying that every great team would have one star player. Real had Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldo, Carlos, Figo – but still they could not go all the way. If one could measure talent quantitatively, then a player having largest amount of it, could be matched by a group with average amounts of it. So a team of medium talented players fitting in just like pieces of jigsaw can also be a great one. But only difference is there is no single face to pin all that greatness to. People will forget the greatness of a team of 80’s easily, but won’t forget the great player of 80’s. I don’t have much interest in British football, don’t want to start. Not atleast this season.

I am really afraid whether staying up until 2 or 3 am is becoming a habit. It is really having its toll on my wife. I am afraid I am turning her clock also to sleep late. Slept till 2 pm today. Seeing me waking up at 2 o’clock on a Saturday with a stiff neck, a friend had adviced me to get up early and enjoy the weekend. But weekends are taken for catching up on all the lost sleep. It is like a long journey through the mazes of bizarre dreams. Especially when you oversleep. What the mind conjures up as dreams is amazing - places, people, situations all mixed up.

Striking a perfect balance between work and life is getting difficult. Now even I am guarding myself against making unhealthy habits and give each its own required place and importance. Not doing really anything about it, but I don’t know as yet what can be done.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Fake It and Flaunt It ? The reality of Blogging World.

This may be old news for some of you but I thought I would write a post for the benefit of those who may not know about it. After all, until today, I had no idea that things of this nature are happening around our blogging world!

However, the noticeable difference between those and this blog was the FeedBurner feed count. On the top right, was a heading subscribe to my rss feeds, and along side it displayed an image with a text indicating 2621 readers. I wanted to find out how this blog managed to get so many subscribers which such mind-numbing content. I didn’t even see a single comment for the 5 recent blog posts.

he detective inside me started to come alive. Even though I don’t have that many RSS subscribers, at least someone leaves a comment on every post!
My curiosity led me to investigate the HTML code of this blog. I also searched the web and found out a way to check the number of subscribers. All you have to do is type the following, on the browser.

My personal opinion is that it depends on the blog and how fake the feedcount is. Obviously, the blog I visited had not thought of the later!

When you visit a blog for the first time, in most cases, what happens is that you read just two or three articles, and then you look at RSS count. If the content and the RSS count impress you, you subscribe.
How many times has this happened to you? When you visited a popular blog the first time, noticed a high feed count of say 10000, and asked yourself - “Why haven’t I subscribed to this blog? 10000 RSS readers mean the blog is definitely worth subscribing!”
So, if you have a pleasing blog design and some decent content, I think you might get attention from your visitors with the fake feedcount.

However once anyone finds out the fake no will ever subscribe to that blog, so the Idea of FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT is not always a good one.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Bejan Daruwalla Predicts Sachin's Future claims he Is a Buffalo

Bejan Daruwalla A renowed astrologer in india who was till now been a niche level astrologer whose clients consits of the biggest celebrity, politicians and industrialist and sportperson. Daruwala also has many article and section on astrology being written in the leading newspaper and magazine, though all this might change as though I never belived in prediction Bejan Daruwala's latest comments of Cricket star Sachin tendulkar's future would make even someone with peanut sized brain think twice before beliveing what Daruwala ever says in his life


But according to Chinese astrology, Tendulkar is also a Buffalo, a cousin of the bull — and these twosystems combined make him a Double Bull.

This is from an article by Bejan Daruwala on tips to help Sachin overcome 'THE Jinx':

1.Sleep in the lap of his wife and tell her to love him sweetly and gently

2. Cook his own mutton cheese burgers and eat them

3. Have a terrific bath

4. Jump in his Ferrari and go for a drive

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Sunday, June 1, 2008


How to Define a girl:Type of Girls

Girls. A word which is so simple to see but the character is too difficult to be read. Someone rightly said …female mind is a thing which can’t be understood. But still as history suggest attempts would be made and likewise we both men( boy feels better) are here attempting this very subject.

So, lets tell you what I know about girls.

Sometimes I see girls as very cute or may be the cutest of living beings but at the next instant I start doubting this fact.

I will try to give a definition to female mind..

“A very complicated structure to be studied about which still attracts students from all over the world.”

Only one thing which I can surely say is that the most experienced student will also fail in this subject but even if they know it they will still be taking this subject…

i m sorry for using subject so many times. :P

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