Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Addiction Called: ORKUT

Have you ever met a stranger who suddenly feels so familiar ? You've never seen her, still her face floats before your eyes ? Yeah, you guessed it right. I met someone yesterday. You must know that Orkut's a great bitch(as Orkut's a she). She breaks millions of hearts, even kills few, helps people collaborate and primarily, helps you get in touch with old friends. But once in a while, she acts as a cupid.Yesterday, I met a stranger on Orkut. You'd say what's great in that won't you ? Yeah, its a pretty ordinary, daily occurrence on Orkut these days. Boy sees a girl... Gets attracted...falls in love..Proposes her.. bla bla. Its not that kind of a story. Stay tuned :D

I started to like that girl(As always... But this one seemed strange) . My communication skills with ladies have always been anything but intelligent. I'm kinda lame when it comes to being friendly and happy-go-lucky with em. OK. Back to the point.

As my communication skills are not as good, I end up getting people annoyed. Same was the case with the girl. She supposedly got annoyed and wasn't responding as much. Could be due to other reasons as well. But what the heck... Suddenly, I acted stupid and on being asked by her friend , how I like that girl , I started slipping. I inquired about how she looked. Pretty stereo-type eh ? Well, I did and the friend happened to reply by saying that the girl is a great great gal. She won't comment on her looks as she was her best friend. I was pretty comfortable with the reply and said, as usual, that looks didn't matter(from heart dude... NOT superficially). Seriously, looks don't matter as much as the character.

Now the twist. I suddenly start acting weird. I scrap her friend( another one) regarding her. Nothing as such, just expressing my feelings. No intentions as such. That seemed to have a negative effect. The girl was already depressed over some issue and I seemed to depress her further. I felt guilty. Very guilty.

Seriously, I decided that I didn't even deserve to be there on Orkut. Why should I inflict another heart-ache on myself without any freakin fault of mine ? Was it all my fault ?

I supposedly deleted my Orkut profile. Dunno why its still there. Anyway, Orkut's never given me a damn thing. Rather caused me misery and defeat. Deceit? Yeah... to a certain extent. I wish the girl success. Last night was the most guilt filled night of my life... Yeah, I couldn't sleep well. Felt like weeping, but the tears won't come out. Sigh. Anyway... All's well that ends well. I'm out of Orkut, no more misery. I'm free. So is the girl. I wish all blood-sucking creature like me get out of that girl's life.

Though As I am out of School and with it I have picked up my many old habits including taking huge amount of coffee or caffeine, grass and yes I'm back on Orkut

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