Sunday, May 25, 2008

50 things which makes a girl happy

1. sweet surprises

2. presents from special people in my life

3. when my boo once told me that he doesn’t want me to be pressured & tired

4. being excited with the plans & never realized that up until now the plans are still not happening

5. unexpected text messages

6. bad days that go by fast and great days that are patient

7. when my boo tells me “I miss you Slyvy...

8. soft sheets

9. feeling part of the team

10. my dog’s adorable expressions

11. when I have new clothes, bags & accessories .. :D

12. watching couples flirting with each other so much you can see the love bubbling out of their ears. i think it’s cute

13. Being the cause to someone else’s happiness

14. Flowers

15. Thinking about things that make me happy

16. People getting along


18. Making music

19. my hair

20. being invited

21. nice smell

22. when my boo will see me even for just a couple of minutes

23. Falling asleep next to my boo, feeling his arms wrapped around me, hearing him breathe gently beside me, and waking up with him the next morning :)

24. Eating meals in nice restaurants.

25. An amazing and unexpected view of the moon shining on the ocean.

26. When I hear a song for the first time that gets my adrenaline flowing and makes me smile immediately.

27. genuinely laughing. a lot.

28. Kissing my boo

29. Not having any homework to do

30. Hanging out with my friends, goofing off and being silly

31. Inside jokes

32. fooling around with my boo

33. Making lists and feeling organized

34. Taking that perfect photograph

35. Dressing up nice and feeling beautiful

36. Learning something new

37. Getting in touch with primary school friends you haven’t seen in 10 years

38. Having one day every now and then where you don’t bother with makeup and just do nothing all day

39. Not spending as much as you thought you would, and then using the money you saved on something you don’t need

40. my family, my parents

41. laughing with friends

42. unorganized days

43. an email & a phone call out of the blue

44. Sitting around a campfire with my boo, watching the stars, talking about nothing, wanting it to never end

45. Cooking dinner for friends and family

46. feeling LOVED & RESPECTED

47. Coke in glass bottles

48. Friendly energetic, cheerful people who aren’t faking it

49. Thinking of a good song I haven’t heard in a while and hearing it on the radio the same day

50. A good CRY:

*BOO is my Boy Friend

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