Saturday, May 3, 2008

Human Psychology explained !!!

Here is my theory about how a human brain thinks........

People want to be winners; and associated with winning things. WoW players triumph the worldwide subscription numbers. EQII'ers celebrate the 'depth' of the game (winning quality instead of quantity). I can make some valid example for any game really, in about thirty seconds of official forums readings.

So the folks who have identified with AoC or WAR or CoS or any of the 'coming soon!' games potentially on the market are sure that their game will destroy the other games. They want to be on a winning team. You also see this demonstrated in folks who are long term adherents of a game, and are ready to move along. They start looking at the other games, and the promises of what might be, and the faults of their long time game start to stand out more starkly.

I don't blame them for the base psychology, they need to devalue the investment they have already made so they can hype the investment they hope to make in the next big game; but I can disagree with their findings.

These games will come out, and many people will try them. For some, they will be the right answer, and for others they won't. Will this impact the subscription of other games out there? Not in a significant manner at all. You know what will? The team making that existing game. If they continue to deliver the quality that has attracted their current customer base, a new launch means nothing.

So I'm not worried about these coming launches. I'm excited. I have two lumps of friends lining up to play Conan because I know a lot of PvP junkies (/guilty); so I have choices about who I play with; and yes -- I intend to play. I also have an active WoW sub, and funds on my Maple Story account. Oh, and yes, access to every SOE game.

My problem isn't that something new is coming out so something old must die, it's that there aren't enough minutes in the day.

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Ashutosh Didwania said...

Brilliant post! Very well written!

I was just going thru some of ur posts n they seriously make a lot of sense.

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