Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Multitasking is Out,Focus is the Inthing

What else are you trying to do while reading this article?

Sure, we can multitask. We might even believe we can do it without losing efficiency. But we would be fooling ourselves.

It has been proven in scientific studies that toggling between tasks slows the brain down. In effect, multi-tasking makes us momentarily stupid -- unable to establish priorities, focus or integrate anything new.Have you ever tried to read your email while listening to a teleclass? How about trying to have a serious conversation on your cell phone while driving?.

That time lapse is your "mental CEO" shifting from one task, with a specific goal and set of "rules", to another, with a completely different goal and set of rules. That shift takes time. The more complex the tasks, the longer the shift takes.

Then you know that neither was done with your full presence or capacity. It's as if you weren't there for half of the time. You neither fully understood the emails nor fully integrated what the teleclass offered. Too little of your consciousness was on driving -- scary -- and you couldn't fully connect in the conversation.

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