Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Entre card: new way to get more traffic

Entre card is a new concept for me i first heard it from the 15 year old wonder blogger Carl, who owes the site carlocrab, he mentioned in his one of the posts that entre card is a new way to get good clean traffic from all over the world who have similar tastes and the button is a standard 125x125 so it makes matter much easier to be added in any blog what so ever. I have tried it myself in one of my blog and it does works , though it is not as great as DIGG or stumbleupon but it does give a sizeable amount of traffic.

Entrecard dropping has become a bloggers habit from the time Entrecard was introduce online. Some bloggers do it religiously and some signed-up for the sake of joining the trend.Actually there’s one thing i am sure about the program of Entrecard. I got the chance to discover blogs and sites i have not seen yet.So if you are tired of dropping from almost all the blogs you visit, this is one of the answers. Visit check this link and you shall find all your queries about entre card answered.

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