Monday, March 31, 2008

Nice simple Web layouts and templates

When we talk of blogging, the question of web design, functionality, ease of navigation and loading speed might come to mind. Also, when you think of your readers, content is always king. SEO and programming skills are also required (for traffic). All these concepts rolled into one medium called a blog is not an easy thing to accomplish at once if you think it is (at least if you lack the required knowledge to fix your blog’s themes or design your own).

However, if you can be humble enough to recognize that weakness or inadequacy (like me, I am not really into blog designs and all if you can observe in this site), help is readily available. Search the internet and look for a nice web design. In my case, I have found a site that just does that - a blog about web design that is easy to navigate, simple yet elegant and offers great contents that are fun to read. The posts in the site mentioned are related to our online lives as bloggers. In fact I have drafts of the same topics they have discussed there but they have written more than enough.
I always believe in taking a good simple template and then tweaking ot my needs rather than just making something from the scratch as what is the point in wasting time when I know it is already been done and made available for free for me.

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