Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aviod Coffee stains to Ruin watch

Last moth i went to Singapore for an Asain tour and it was there i found some real good cheap electronic stuffs i picked up good Nikon DLSR camera for half the price it has been selling in Walmart. I also got a great looking Gucci watch but I am not sure weather it is original or not, never the less it was worth every penny of it. The camera was pretty sleek and so I started fonding with as I bought it and took some good snaps. Like the ones below.

This when the coffee mug I photographed above somehow fell on my wrist as I was very clumsy trying to get a awkward angle of the jasmine kept on my coffee table of Mac Donald's.My new watch and the old Noodle strap dress was all wet and I almost lost my watch, but thanks to these handy tricks My watch was saved for the day,here they are.

There are simple ways to clean your watch and there are few things you need. These are -

1. Rubbing alcohol
2. Soft-bristled toothbrush
3. Lint-free cloth
4. White vinegar
5. Baking soda

(1) First is to remove the bracelet. If you can’t remove it, be sure not to get the watch wet while cleaning the bracelet, even if it’s water proof

(2) Immerse or soak the bracelet into the water and dish soap or rubbing alcohol for a few minutes or more. The more dirt will be loosened and makes your scrubbing easier for you.

(3) In scrubbing the bracelet, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub between the links of the bracelet both from the outer and inner curves.

(4) Next is to dry the bracelet with a limp-free cloth to avoid fibers from getting stuck between the links. Then re-attach the bracelet to your watch.

(5) For leather straps , clean it with a mixture of white vinegar and water and a toothbrush. Then let the straps dry completely before wearing it in air.

SO use these tips if you dip your watch in water or pour coffee over it. BTW here is a bonus picture I took with the camera .

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