Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to Define a girl:Type of Girls

Girls. A word which is so simple to see but the character is too difficult to be read. Someone rightly said …female mind is a thing which can’t be understood. But still as history suggest attempts would be made and likewise we both men( boy feels better) are here attempting this very subject.

So, lets tell you what I know about girls.

Sometimes I see girls as very cute or may be the cutest of living beings but at the next instant I start doubting this fact.

I will try to give a definition to female mind..

“A very complicated structure to be studied about which still attracts students from all over the world.”

Only one thing which I can surely say is that the most experienced student will also fail in this subject but even if they know it they will still be taking this subject…

i m sorry for using subject so many times. :P

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