Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bejan Daruwalla Predicts Sachin's Future claims he Is a Buffalo

Bejan Daruwalla A renowed astrologer in india who was till now been a niche level astrologer whose clients consits of the biggest celebrity, politicians and industrialist and sportperson. Daruwala also has many article and section on astrology being written in the leading newspaper and magazine, though all this might change as though I never belived in prediction Bejan Daruwala's latest comments of Cricket star Sachin tendulkar's future would make even someone with peanut sized brain think twice before beliveing what Daruwala ever says in his life


But according to Chinese astrology, Tendulkar is also a Buffalo, a cousin of the bull — and these twosystems combined make him a Double Bull.

This is from an article by Bejan Daruwala on tips to help Sachin overcome 'THE Jinx':

1.Sleep in the lap of his wife and tell her to love him sweetly and gently

2. Cook his own mutton cheese burgers and eat them

3. Have a terrific bath

4. Jump in his Ferrari and go for a drive

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