Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to apply perfect lipgloss and Lipstick Video Tutorial

Well in My last post i discussed how make up was all about lip gloss till i was 16 so whenever i used to go I used to use a lot a lip gloss in fact everybody named me bubble gum as i had been using all bright colors of lipgloss, which in way i liked a lot i liked being funky and had avril lavigne as my idol back since school days. Pouty lips looks best in lipgloss and while posing for pics that is how i always use to be acting like a fashion model, I know it is naive but i was stupid school girl

Though let me tell you applying lipstick is not very easy if you dont do it regularly as the end lines are not well marked and it might end up looking very embarrassing for you so i must tell you mark your lips well before applying any makeup. Better safe than sorry, also since lipstick is the most basic form of makeup every girl should know by herself how to do it with leas hassle so that she can be presentable in a party in 5 minutes or a quick date. if someone does not even care to put lipstick on it only shows that she is too lazy and maybe not interested in you so make sure you dont send wrong signal to your Date always at least use lipstick if not lipgloss as per your skin type, texture and color.

Well now for those who now understand how important it is to know to apply makeup and lipstick at least here is a video where it has been explained the best way by showing the whole procedure from the beginning so that you can see and practice and learn from it the whole video is less than 10 minutes that is all it shall take you to be ready to make your date droll over you. check the video

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