Thursday, July 10, 2008

Smart People Do Stupid Things Sometimes?

Can you recall a situation? Did it result in endless questions of "Why Smart People Do Stupid Things?"

I compiled a list of reasons, based on my incidental gleanings. I feel that, if we are aware of the underlying cause(s), we might be better quipped to deal with the situation.
My reasons: why do smart people do stupid things sometimes?

#1 Emotions get in the way of logical thinking
This is the battle between logic and emotion. Where, logic is derived out of smartness and emotions outshine the logic :-)

#2 They react on Impact
For example, immediate reaction to something you just heard. (this is somewhat related to #1)

#3 Ego
Some smart people like to polish their ego. Let me phrase it differently. if they feel their ego is endangered, they might say/do something stupid.
For example, not admitting you are wrong even when you know you are wrong.

#4 Assumptions, Carelessness or Over-Confidence
I find it a bit difficult to differentiate the 3, so I took the lazy way and made it one reason.

"I wish I took a back up, before PC crashed", to what does that belong?
"I know for sure that this software will work, so I didn't test it"

#5 Self centered
What I think, I want, My Needs. Aha, Needs. The root of all heartache! I am sure you can find a few examples that can be listed here.

#6 Fear
Doing something (stupid) out of fear. Again, can be related to #1.

#7 Deafness
Failing to listen falls into this category.

#9 Living in the NOW
Some decisions may be made based only on the present. Where as, it should have been made with the future in mind.

#10 Center stage with stupidity :-)
Even smart people are not perfect. We are all human. Sometimes mistakes do happen. If the person is humble, he/she will accept responsibility and apologize. Then, you really know the person is smart!

If you are someone who associates with me, you might be thinking "Even Shamelle has done stupid things". I admit, I too have done a fair share of stupid things in my life time! I am far from perfect. With these reason's in mind, I will try not to do any stupid things intentionally. Of course If I do, please bare with me :-)

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